PSB Employees Donate to St. Johns Support Our Troops Mission

On Feb. 9, 2018, Debbie James of Peoples Savings Bank (right), presented a check for over $250 to Don and Betty Hendrich for the St. John’s UCC (Cappeln) Support Our Troops Mission. Throughout the year, employees make a cash donation in exchange for the opportunity to wear jeans on Fridays. At the end of the year, the money collected is donated to a local charity, chosen by the employees. 

Since 2007, members of St. John’s have been sending care packages to deployed soldiers in the middle east a couple of times of month. The packages typically contain coffee, snacks, cards, magazines, etc.  The money donated by the bank employees will help offset expenses, such as postage.

The packages are very appreciated by the troops, and the members of St. John’s are very appreciative of the support they have received from the community over the years.

Jeans money donation Supp Troops St Johns-web.jpg