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Rev. Devin Jones Now Pastor Emeritus at St. John’s UCC Cappeln

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, the Congregation at St. John’s United Church of Christ at Cappeln bestowed the title of Pastor Emeritus on Rev. Devin R. Jones. Pastor Jones retired from St. John’s in November of 2015, after 43 years of ministry at the church.

The status of Pastor Emeritus is one of the highest honors a congregation can bestow upon a former pastor. Emeritus comes from the word merit and is the church’s way of honoring a former pastor for a lengthy ministry marked by distinguished service in the life of that church. Emeritus also has to do with being retired from active ministry, no longer serving in a pastoral way. It is a title that celebrates the former pastor’s accomplishments, leadership, faith and Christian presence over the years.

The celebration was held in the sanctuary and attended by church members and special guests. Rev. F. Dale Parson, Associate Minister Missouri Mid-South Conference United Church of Christ said the title of Pastor Emeritus is given both out of affection and respect, and strengthens the recognition that the pastor will no longer perform any pastoral duties in the congregation. 

Members of the church council then presented Rev. Jones with an official resolution recognizing this new honorary title.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the Family Life Center.  Since March 26th was also Rev. Jones’ 70th birthday, two decorated cakes were prepared and shared - one celebrated the Pastor Emeritus designation, and one celebrated his birthday.

The church Council also presented a decorative cross to Rev. Jones with an inscription recognizing his years of service at St. John’s and his new title of Pastor Emeritus. Reverend Jones and his wife, Marilyn, will continue to worship at St. Johns as regular congregational members.

Rev Devin Jones with the Pastor Emeritus Resolution.

Rev. F. Dale Parson, Associate Minister Missouri Mid-South
Conference United Church of Christ.

Ref. Parson congratulates Rev. Jones.

Church Council President, George Schmidt, presented
the Pastor Emeritus Resolution to Rev. Jones.

Members of the Church Council (Gina Tuepker, Lisa Brown, Hazel Roever,
Mrs. Marilyn and Rev. Devin Jones, George Schmidt, Carl Freese.)

Rev. Jones and his wife, Marilyn, with the inscribed cross
given to them by the Church Council.

The Pastor Emeritus cake with “Thank you Pastor” and a photo of a
shepherd leading a flock of sheep.

Rev. Jones with a birthday cake featuring a picture of a skunk.
(Rev. Jones collects skunk figurines.)